Lawn Care

Is your lawn a great lawn?

You know your lawn is letting your garden down, but a great lawn takes time, right? And if you don’t have time, a great lawn costs serious money, and you won’t know it’s been well spent until months down the line when it’s too late to do anything about it.

Not any more! We can give you a great value, healthier, great looking lawn with Utopia’s lawn care and treatment service.

Lawn care treatments we offer:

  • Fertilising– Utopia will fertilise your lawn on 4 seperate treatments these include a spring, early summer, late summer and autumn. For each treatment we use a different type of fertiliser according to the time of year and what your lawn needs.
  • Weed killing– Utopia will treat any weeds that grow in your lawn when we fertilise, we use professional grade selective weedkiller that will eradicate weeds and not kill your lawn.
  • Moss control– We will treat moss by spraying your lawn with iron, it will go black and die and would then advise a scarify to remove dead moss.
  • Pest control– Pests can cause havoc in your lawn if it be ants, Chafer grubs or leather jackets we will treat to stop them causing any more damage and undoing any of our hard work.
  • Lawn disease control– We will identify and apply the correct chemical to control any disease that may appear in your lawn.
  • Scarifying– Scarifying is the process of removing thatch and moss from your lawn, thatch is built up over time from cuttings and debris naturally being left on top of the soil, removing this improves air flow and allows nutrients and water to penetrate the roots thus improving the health of the grass and making it less prone to disease.
  • Aerating– Aerating is the process of punching holes or taking small cores up to 3 inches deep out of your lawn. This is a vital process to achieving a great lawn as it releases soil compaction and aids with water absorption.

We take your lawn personally, with complete seasonal treatments that promote strong growth and keep weeds at bay, once in the spring, twice in the summer, and once in the autumn so it stays great the whole time you’re using it the most. We can also sort out that moss and any pests too! Then in the winter we we’ll ensure it stays free of debris and well aerated to keep the roots at full strength for next year.

But isn’t care and attention expensive? Not with Utopia! We actually cost up to 20% less than other leading lawn care services, with no contract to sign up to. You just pay as you go, so if you’re not happy you’re free to go elsewhere.

But we’re so confident you will be happy that we’ll offer a money back guarantee if you are not happy with the results after a full year of treatments.

Make your lawn great by booking now.

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