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Hedge and shrub pruning

Utopia Grounds and Gardens was asked by a couple in Felmersham to help with maintenance in the garden around there property as they were very busy with other aspects in their life, they asked Jack to prune the Pyracantha over the front door and the formal box hedge as pictured. Jack used the latest quality Stihl tools to carry out the work with new stand alone ladders to get to heights safely and with ease. Jack is returning in the near future to do ongoing maintenance.

Decking and patio cleaning

Utopia Grounds and Gardens went to view a decking and patio that has been neglected and became dangerous as it was a slip hazard, Jack advised a pressure wash, leave to dry and apply a wood stain/ preserver to treat the wood and help prolong it. The pictures show what a difference its made and is now a usable attractive area again.

Spring tidy up

Utopia Grounds and Gardens was asked to come and have a look at a townhouse garden in Bedford that needed attention. Jack went round to meet the customers and view the garden that was overgrown. Jack advised a day to tidy the whole garden and plant some new plants to bring new life to it. The customers are now enjoying their garden with little maintenance needed.