Hedge Cutting

Whether you have a formal Box, Yew, Leylandii or Conifer hedge Utopia takes pride in offering an experienced professional hedge cutting service working to the highest of standards.

Why use hedges?

Hedges are mainly used for borders in gardens and outdoor spaces and can often be a cheaper alternative to a fence.

They are an easy way to divide a boundary and can grow quickly in a short space of time.

This is especially so of Leylandii hedges.

Deciduous hedges provide all year-round cover making them a fantastic plant for screening.

If cared for properly they are pretty to look at and are an asset for the environment.

Birds love them as they offer excellent protection from predators.

What problems can hedges cause?

Hedges are not low maintenance.  Without proper care and maintenance hedges can very quickly take over causing all sorts of problems.

  • Plants fail to flourish due to nutrient and light exhaustion.
  • Roots can penetrate drains and sewers causing extensive damage.
  • High hedges can cause neighbourly disputes and resulting legal action due to limited light.

Caring for your hedge.

Regular care and maintenance of your hedge will hopefully eliminate costly problems and keep your hedge looking pristine.

Formal and privet hedges need trimming all year round and other hedges only require trimming twice a year!

We at Utopia can offer advice on all your hedge cutting needs.

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