Leaf Clearance

Towards the end of Summer deciduous trees start to drop their leaves.  This usually takes place in early Autumn around September, October time depending on how hot the summer has been.  If the summer has been rather hot, Horse Chestnut trees leaves will turn brown and drop towards the end of August.  They do this is an effort to make sure that only the most important parts of the tree receive the water they require.

As the leaves die they shrivel up and turn beautiful colours of red, orange and burnt browns.

Unfortunately leaves do not get re-absorbed into the ground and soon pile up causing suffocation of everything that they cover.  Clearing up leaves is a monotonous and unpleasant task that most gardeners do not relish.

It Is important though that leaves are cleared away from lawns and paths as when the weather turns cold and freezes they can be extremely slippery causing falls and nasty accidents.

Here at Utopia we can free your garden and paths of leaves and dispose of them for you as well.

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