Tree Pruning and Felling

Small trees can be fantastic focal points in gardens but without proper care and maintenance can grow out of hand very quickly.

We offer a small tree pruning service where we prune and trim your trees in a safe and effective manner.  Light is then introduced to other plants allowing them to prosper and flourish.

We analyse your trees for all potential problems and these problems are then identified and removed.

Trees need regular pruning for various reasons.

  • Dead, damaged and diseased branches are removed to stop insects and organisms from entering the tree thus causing damage.
  • Suckers are removed to allow the tree to have maximum food and water.
  • Crossing and rubbing branches are removed to ease damage to the tree.
  • High winds can cause trees to become unstable thus potentially causing damage to property and other structures.

We always try to use the sharpest tools to produce a good clean cut thus causing minimal damage to the tree.

We will always leave you with a clean and tidy space and will even dispose of the waste!

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