Weeding & Weed Spraying

The definition of a weed is a plant that you do not wish to be there.  It is simply growing in the wrong place for you.  They can be as invasive or discreet as they want to be and are as small as a pinprick or as large as a horse chestnut tree!  They are annoying and make themselves a nuisance by popping up in unwanted places like in the patio or on the driveway!

Types of Weeds

There are two types of weeds.  Annual and Perennial.

Annual weeds only last for a year and die of after then but are very good at reproducing.  They produce lots of seeds to carry on their line which means the next year you can end up with an awful lot of weeds year after year.

Examples of an annual weed is the fat hen.  It is the fastest growing of all weeds and produces the most seeds.  The plant can produce 20,000 seeds just from one plant.  It has many different varieties and is very difficult to identify.  It is edible and makes an ideal salad plant.  They can disperse their seeds at a great distance.

Perennial weeds are more troublesome though.  They either have long deep roots that can store reserves allowing them to flourish year after year or they can cover vast distances quickly taking over and suffocating wanted plants.  They are extremely difficult to eradicate and often some form of weed killer is required.

You can dig them out but you would not guarantee they will re appear.

Luckily Jack and Steven are PA1 and PA6 qualified and fully licensed to use high grade weed killer for use with a knapsack so you will have no problems with weeds.


Weedkillers need to be sprayed onto the weed and take time to work.  They are initially absorbed by the leaves and are then taken down to the roots thus fully killing it.  This process can take up to two weeks after which the weed can be disposed of.  Disposal before then could allow the weed to come back so patience is a virtue!

Weedkillers are best applied in the summer when the weed is at its most active allowing the chemical to circulate within the weed.  Please contact Utopia for more advice.  We can produce a year-round programme for you to stop weeds from growing and spoiling your garden and offering control over even the most hardy of weeds.

Japanese Knotweed

Japanese knotweed is a serious invasive pretty looking plant that looks initially docile.  After a while it soon becomes apparent that it is virtually impossible to get rid of and will even grow through concrete and the foundations of your house.  It spreads at a rate of 1 yard per week.

It originates from Japan and was brought into the UK as a cheap animal feed.  It then became a suitable plant for the small-town garden until its problems were realized.  People then started releasing it into open spaces and thus the problems with it soon exonerated.

It is now illegal to release it into open spaces.  The government is trying to eradicate it but with no avail.

IF you suspect that you have Japanese Knotweed contact Utopia urgently as time is of the essence.  I cannot emphasize how important and crucial it is to get rid of this plant urgently.  It will grow in your foundations of your house through your walls.

Jack at Utopia will be able to give you urgent advice.  Eradicating Japanese Knotweed is extremely expensive and the sooner treatment is sought the better.  You cannot get rid of this plant yourself and you will require a professional.  Failure to get rid of this plant could leave you with a hefty fine under the Anti-Social Behavior Act, ACT NOW.

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